Meet the Staff

Todd and Wendy met their sophomore year of high school where they were in the same yearbook, journalism, and missions classes. Missions has been a core element of their relationship, along with having a passion for youth & children.

Todd’s grandfather (Sam Boyle) was a missionary to Asia, and his father was born in Hong Kong & has served on the mission field through short-term missions ever since. As the saying goes… the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

Besides going on several short-term mission trips, Todd served on the mission field in El Salvador for three months with Teen Mania, shortly after he began working with youth as an intern at Arvada Covenant Church where his passion for youth was first ignited. After graduating high school he went on to study Youth Ministry at Dallas Baptist University and Colorado Christian University. While he was living in Dallas, he was working with the youth at Scofield Memorial Church as their youth intern.

In 2001 he and his family moved to Kansas, where he began as the summer youth intern at WaKeeney Church of God, which two months later led to a full time youth pastor position. After working full time in WaKeeney for 2 years he was ordained through the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana) and he continued to serve as the head youth pastor there until 2005. Following his time at WaKeeney Church of God he was on staff as the head youth pastor at Wheatfield Fellowship in Aurora, CO for 2 years.

During the past 10 years Todd has spoken at multiple youth camps, conferences, and retreats, and his vision has always been to prepare youth to reach out with the life-changing message of the gospel, as well as the love of the Father. Since graduating high school he has also served on the mission field in varies cities and in the nation of Honduras.

Wendy grew up in church, but didn’t become a Christian until her sophomore year of high school. As a result of the missions class she and Todd took in high school, seeds were planted deep for the nations, and from the moment of her salvation she began praying God would give the nations to her. (Psalm 2:8)

Since 1993 Wendy has served on the mission field in the US, Mexico, and Honduras. She organized her first missions trip when she was a junior in high school and helped lead a team from St. John Chrysostom Church to the TX/Mexico border where she first encountered orphans. Her heart has been captured by the fatherless ever since! And over the past year and a half her heart has been broken for not just the fatherless, but also for the “least of these” as she expanded her ministry to include prison ministry.

Being in youth ministry, as well as serving as events coordinators at apartment complexes allowed both Todd and Wendy to plan, organize and host events and missions trips. Todd and Wendy are currently serving as missionaries in the nation of Honduras along with their four daughters.