While we were in Honduras our friend Luis handed us a book called The Heavenly Man. The following quote stood out to us, “It is not great men who change the world, but weak men in the hands of a great God.”

We know there’s nothing great about us, and we are thankful our great God is partnering with us because all things are possible with Him. (Mark 10:27)

We’re excited to see how God changes the world; we’re excited to see where we fit into the puzzle; and we’re also excited to see where YOU fit into the puzzle!

As a family we’ve been talking a lot about our move to Honduras. Our girls know that they have been called to Honduras and that God wants to use them as well, otherwise He would have waited until after they were out of the house for us to move.

The fact that you are also in our life right now leads us to believe that God wants you to be a part of this too. Whether it’s through encouragement, support, prayers, donations, serving, or joining us in Honduras as an intern or staff member, we know each and every one of you fits into the puzzle somewhere!

Now the fun begins…

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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